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Cadre restructuring of Gr. C employees in Department of Posts (PA cadre) – Reg

 P. MOHAN                                 J. RAMAMURTHY                                A. VEERAMANI

No. P3/Genl./Cadre restructuring                                                                                dt.17.5.2017     

Shri. M. Sampath, IPoS.,
Chief Postmaster General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai  600 002.

Respected Sir,

            Sub:  Cadre restructuring of Gr. C employees in Department of Posts (PA cadre) – Reg.
            Ref :  1.DOP Memo. No. 25-4/2012-PE I(Pt) dt. 27.5.2016.
                     2. Letter No. PJCA/Cadre Restructuring/2017 dt. 17.3.2017 of Postal JCA a/t
                         Secretary Posts, New Delhi.
                     3. This Union’s letters of even no. dt. 18.4.2017 and 20.4.2017.
                     4.  Minutes of the meeting with staff side in CPMG No.ESB/15/Cadre/Group C/2014

A Kind reference is invited to the letter cited under Ref (2) which is elaborately discussing the issues arising out of implementation of the Dte. Order dt. 27.5.2016,  of which many items are also under the purview of Circle Head, since the orders issued for identification of posts, carving out seniority list etc. promotions and postings that would be made out of implementation should be considered and needed for a review.

Other than that, many other issues would be cropped up at the time of implementation, which may be either against the statutory rules or against the practical applicability or against to the interest of the staff. Hence we request to consider the views of the staff side as presented in the informal meeting with the CPMG, TN on 15.5.2017, before implementation or the said order.

Staff side views:-

1.     Circle Seniority list of P.A.s after 4.11.92 should be released since the present draft list is containing only 1828 officials and the total no. of posts to be identified in LSG is 2967.

2.     All the representations of the officials on the draft seniority list should be considered and disposed properly before release of final seniority list and DPC procedures should be exhausted.

3.     The promotion orders should be released as a whole and not in piece meal and Promotions should be made from higher level posts to lower level posts, in order to fill up the promotional posts and for taking into account the chain of vacancies.
4.     Proportionate no. of LSG, HSG II and HSG I posts should be identified in Accounts line as in the case of other Circles like Kerala.

5.     Suitable no. of LSG posts should be identified in S.A. and M.E. cadres as agreed upon in the earlier staff side meeting with CPMG, TN.

6.     In case of Anna Road HPO, Chennai GPO, Foreign Post, Chennai City Central Dn., Chennai City South Division, North Dn., proportionate no. of LSG posts are not identified now. Suitable no. of first line supervisory posts viz. in LSG should be identified in 4:1 ratio, in order to maintain the admitted pyramid structure in promotional hierarchy, for which proposals are already given by the respective Divl/Branch unions and Divisions/Units.

7.     NFG posts should not be identified involving transfers, since it is non functional. No post is identified in  any other cadre when NFG is granted.

8.     Identification of posts in HSG II, HSG I level should be made in BPCs especially in City units/Dns. on revenue generation basis/as per the decision of the RJCM, in consonance with BD  Dte. lr. Dt.  16.1.2000.

9.     All the Declinations may kindly be accepted for those who could not move away, paving way to the younger aspirants for promotional posts.

10.   Initial promotional postings may kindly be made maximum within the same Dn/ Units.

11.   All the pending Rule 38 transfers should be effected and pending requests may kindly be considered before implementation of the order, since there would be no opportunity to consider these transfers in the coming years.
12.   Chain of vacancies should be taken into account while notifying the vacancies for current year and further recruitments. 
13.   Wherever there is no qualified hand for filling up of promotional posts such as HSG II/HSG I, the posts should be operated to the next level, till the officials getting required eligibility for promotion, in order to fill up maximum no .of promotional posts either on regular or on adhoc basis.
14.   Suitable orders may kindly be issued for granting offg. Pay for those who are eligible and officiating in the higher posts from lower level.
15.   There is anomaly in PM grade I offices where erstwhile LSG posts already exist being it is upgraded into HSG II. Suitable remedial action is much requested to set right this anomaly.
16.   Request to take immediate suitable action to fill up all the vacancies since already there exists 22% declared vacancies as on 1.4.2016. Further  there is no notification issued to fill up the 2016-17 vacancies up to the level of 10% and  there is no scope, at present for filling up of enhanced no. of   promotional posts to the level of 12%. In addition there is upto 10% of artificial vacancies exists in operative side because of more no. of deputations of P.A.s to unnormed posts such as BPC, CPC, CEPT, WCTC, PLI/RPLI, D.O./R.O./C.O. and S.A./M.E. etc. 
17.   It is further requested to move upon with the Directorate to obtain one time relaxation of filling up the posts of HSG I & II so that the officiating vacancies will not result in the shortage of PAs which will hamper the services of the Circle. It is most pertinent to mention that there is no recruitment over these three years and there is a shortage of PAS to the extent of around 30% in the circle as mentioned in para supra.
18.   In short, it is to submit that this is a new experience to the officials and there is a nightmare about the mass scale transfer which should be taken due care of since there is no immediate financial benefits to the seniors on accepting the promotions and that should not hamper their further financial up gradation. There is a need to consider this situation with more human approach and the officials should enjoy the result of the first cadre restructuring being implemented this time. This union hopes that the Chief PMG will consider the human value in practical at the time of its implantation and we are expecting the same approach as he has shown in the informal meeting held on 15.5.2017 on this issue.

With profound regards,


DA: As refd.

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